Medicare is a huge system with many, many options that all seem confusing. Even after enrolling, you can run into problems, such as deductibles or co-pays that are higher than expected, or perhaps your primary care physician is out of network. For people on limited incomes, this is a serious concern.

Never fear. Medicare gives people an opportunity to change plans. From January 1 to March 31, anyone enrolled in Medicare or Medicare Advantage can switch plans instead of waiting an entire year for open enrollment to come around again. There are a variety of reasons to switch, but only a limited time frame to do it. And, being such a big system, it takes time for changes to go into effect.
Which plan is best for you? That answer is different for everyone, but the one thing you can do is become familiar with Medicare.gov. It includes information about every plan and helps you manage your health information, and it should be the first stop in determining what plan works best for your income and lifestyle.

On this episode of the Pulse, Keith Leitzen, President of Managed Care Partners, shares his expertise with the Medicare process and breaks down exactly what Medicare recipients and their children should know about the enrollment process.

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