Physician Practice Fee Schedules

We frequently see that, as a health system grows its professional services capabilities, particularly if the growth is through acquisition of established practices, there is no common charge schedule. Managed Care Partners can help you establish a uniform charge schedule and select a methodology to use in updating that schedule over time.

Practices whose charge schedules are based on usual and customary databases are increasingly out of sync with payer fee schedules. That makes it difficult to evaluate payer offers. Managed Care Partners can help you convert a usual and customary charge schedule to one that is more in line with the managed care market.

No matter what professional services charge schedule you have adopted, Managed Care Partners can help you calculate, at the physician or practice level, the expected yield of payer fee schedules, how revisions to a payer’s fee schedule will impact revenues, how proposed fee schedules compare to your other managed care contracts, and appropriate counteroffers.


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