Building Market Share

Direct to employer marketing

Your Community, Your Future

Employers need to reduce health care costs and increase productivity. Hospitals and health systems offer solutions that increase health and productivity and lower health and workers’ compensation costs.

Managed Care Partners will help you establish a successful outreach to local, self-funded employers. We’ll partner with you to help employers:

  • Improve the health of employees and dependents
  • Identify health improvement and savings opportunities
  • Implement improved practices

An engaged provider offers employers a wide array of services:

  • Identify and quantify risk
  • Aggressive interventions to improve health
  • Close gaps in chronic condition care
  • Mine data for more opportunities
  • Make members welcome
  • Weed out waste
  • Reinforce the employer’s objectives with providers

Helping You To Increase Marketshare

Of course, providing those services take time and resources. Managed Care Partners has the expertise and the resources. We’ll go to the meetings, dive deep into the data, monitor the reports, and stay on top of all communications.


Here’s some of the tasks we’ll undertake to help you successfully serve your local employers:

  • Organize and attend meetings with employers
  • Furnish reports and materials to the team
  • Employ data mining tools
  • Obtain and interpret reports provided by health plans
  • Monitor claims and other reports
  • Keep Human Resources informed
  • Help increase member engagement
  • Assist in communicating program objectives to your providers
  • Assist in evaluating the efficacy of plan design

Your small organization has deep roots in a local community that you have served for years. You know the people and the region. You are ideally positioned to be the local provider of choice.


Managed Care Partners can help you build that future.

Managed Care Partners teams with critical access hospitals, small rural hospitals, and physician groups to create superior managed care financial performance.


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