What We Do

If you are interested in building market share, we’re ready to do the heavy lifting …

Managed Care Partners assists providers help employers improve the health of their employees and dependents as well as work with them on an on-going basis to identify and implement health improvement and savings opportunities.

Employers need to reduce health care costs and increase productivity to remain competitive. Providers can help them achieve this by implementing solutions that increase health and productivity and lower health benefits and workers’ compensation costs.

To do this, you, as a provider, need to be able to:

  • Identify and quantify the employer’s risk.
  • Aggressively work to improve the health of those who are at greatest risk.
  • Close gaps in chronic condition care.
  • Mine available data for additional health improvement opportunities.
  • Make every member welcome in a health system-affiliated health home; have your health homes be champions for patients, helping them navigate their way and ensure they get cost-effective care when and where they need it.
  • Weed out care that is not cost effective.
  • Reinforce the employer’s objectives.

It’s that easy?  Of course not. 

How Can Managed Care Partners Help?

  • Attend introductory and follow-up meetings with employers.
  • Organize and attend regularly scheduled employer/health system problem solving meetings.
  • Employ whatever data mining tools are available.
  • Obtain and interpret reports provided by health plans.
  • Monthly monitoring of claims and other reports; alert you if unexpected results are observed.
  • Help you help the employer increase member engagement.
  • Assist you with communicating the employer’s and the program’s objectives to your providers.
  • Work with health homes to assist them in understanding and utilizing available tools.
  • Counsel employers on effective plan designs that are aligned with objectives.

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