Outsource Managed Care

Recapture Revenue and Reduce Administrative Burden

Utilizing decades of experience and knowledge of the health care industry, Managed Care Partners carries the load on the complex administrative tasks of managing managed care.


Contracting Department:

  • Evaluate new payer arrangements as they are presented to you
  • Negotiate terms with those payers with whom you wish to contract
  • Calculate the financial impact of payer offers; suggest counteroffers
  • Prepare and maintain a written summary of all current contracts
  • Handle day-to-day communications with payers and renewal negotiations on existing contracts
  • Assist your staff in auditing payers’ remittances and compliance with contract terms
  • Assist in delegated credentialing and qualifying practitioners for participation in payer networks
  • Perform other managed care assignments as requested

Revenue Enhancement:

  • Work with you to establish direct-to-employer contracts with large local employers
  • Evaluate and negotiate risk contracts and bundled service arrangements
  • Conduct programs on managed care and related topics for physicians, staff, board members and the community

Managing Managed Care

Step by step, your organization will see bottom-line improvements, while helping to free your medical staff from administrative burden.

Managed Care Partners teams with critical access hospitals, small rural hospitals, and physician groups to create superior managed care financial performance.


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